American Blue Tip

Cast your imagination to old black and white films and think of a scene where beautiful, sophisticated people sip slowly on their martinis. It almost immediately conjures up images of smoke swirling about in the air and perhaps a jazz pianist in the corner tinkling away on the ivory keys. This is exactly how American Blue Tip wants you to feel when you try their products. It's all about having a good time with friends, being relaxed and being cool in the modern sense.

American Blue Tip was created in 2008 and is affiliated with a brand named VivacityLife. It was developed with the aim to provide consumers with premium electronic vaping products which promote a healthier lifestyle for the smokers and their surroundings. Why puff away on a toxic cigarette when you can enjoy the same sensation but without any of the other 1000+ harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes? The concept of the electronic cigarette is revolutionary and is a sensible way of enjoying a ciggie without the health risks. It's important to note that American Blue Tip ecigs do not contain any nicotine. It is purely a simulation of the real thing.

The American Blue Tip ecig comprises of 3 components:

  • A battery – the main part of the ecig – white with a cool blue tip.
  • An atomizer – contains the nicotine (tasteless) and produces the smoke (pure water vapour).
  • A flavour cartridge – gives the tobacco flavour when taking a drag.

The starter kit comes with all the necessary accessories to start experiencing the American Blue Tip ecig. The kit includes:

  • Leather flapper pack case
  • 1 rechargeable Lithium battery
  • 1 atomizer
  • 2 flavour cartridges – in traditional Tobacco flavour only
  • 1 USB charger

There are helpful videos on the American Blue Tip website demonstrating how it all connects together and works.

Each cartridge produces about 100 puffs/drags, depending on individual smoking styles. This is not as efficient as other cartridges and brands which can last as long as 300 puffs. It would mean more cartridges, more often and perhaps not as cost-effective as other brands. 

There's plenty of information on how the American Blue Tip ecig operates, its healthy characteristics and about the company's guarantee of customer satisfaction, but unfortunately they've omitted perhaps one the most important things which everybody wishes to know upfront – the price.

Considering they only seemingly have the one ecig design and starter kit, leaving out the pricing details is an oversight which may deter potential customers to give the brand a try. However, tucked away at the bottom of their FAQ page is the cost of the refill cartridges which cost $2.00 each and come in packs of 10; and they do have a 24-hour Toll-Free telephone number for all queries and orders. For people who don't usually purchase online with a credit card, this will not be problem and there is a risk-free 30-day Money-back guarantee.

A point which potentially could not sit well with consumers is that it may take up to 3 weeks for customers to receive their purchases. Shipping is within the U.S. only and is delivered via USPS. 

The message for switching to American Blue Tip is strong and electronic cigarettes in general are a great alternative for tobacco smokers to still enjoy a smoke without any of the harmful chemical associated with a conventional cigarette.





American Blue Tip

PO Box 6418

Scarborough, MA 04070


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