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Suave and sophisticated young people vaping is the first thing you see when you enter Blu Cigs' website.  Words like "...take charge..." and "...Smoking Redefined..." fade in and out of view, leaving the viewer positively inspired to try the brand.  A picture of sexy girls in bikinis next to their "What's Hot?" section is slightly cheesy and cliché but adds to the flair of the Blue Cigs brand.

Blue Cigs was established in 2009 and seems to be moving in leaps and bounds with their proactive marketing strategies.  Their 'In the news' section is filled with high-profile media reports and articles of Blue Cigs making waves in the electronic cigarette industry.  Some of their latest and more prominent marketing ploys included their 'Special Edition Swarovski Crystal Starter Kit' for the 2011 Oscars, received by every Oscar nominee; and what better advertisement than harnessing the power of well-known celebrities? It's certainly smart and effective marketing, but let's take a closer look and examine Blu Cigs' products and brand on its merit.

Blu Cigs' site is simple, looks great and all the relevant information about the product is clearly set out.  To make things easier, there's only one starter kit; and it's available in black or white.  The black pack has black e-cigs and the white holds white and tan ones.   The kit includes an 'Exclusive Blu Cigs Pack' which looks and flips opens like a traditional packet of cigarette.  This pack is also a portable charger and charges your e-cig batteries on the go.  At any given time, the pack can hold one battery and five cartridges.  The starter kit also comes with:

  • • 2 e-cig batteries
  • • 1 wall charger
  • • 1 USB charger
  • • 5-pack of flavour cartridges in the flavour and strength of your choice
  • • 30 day money-back guarantee and one year warranty

The whole kit will cost you $69.95, which is far less than many other brands.  Blu Cigs' newly designed cartridges can last approximately 250 puffs and are economical.  The atomizers are built into the cartridges, so there's no messing around with nicotine liquids and extra spare atomizer parts.  All of their cartridges contain 100% USA-made nicotine solutions from Johnson Creek; and meet strict FDA-approved standards.  The cartridges come in 4 nicotine strengths from 0mg, 8mg, 12mg and 16mg being their strongest. 

All nicotine cartridges come in four interesting flavours, from the well-loved Classic Tobacco, to the coffee hit of the Java Jolt, cooling Magnificent Menthol and just for fun, Cherry Crush.  The product packaging is stylish and inviting.  A pack of five cartridges will cost you $12.00 but the more packs you buy, the greater the discount.  A bulk-buy of 4 packs of 5 cartridges will save you over $10.00.  It's a great incentive to stock up if you're a habitual smoker. 

So far, it looks like Blu Cigs have a great business plan, and have well-designed and well-priced products, but what about their customer service?  Here's the best bit about ordering from Blu Cigs – FREE SHIPPING on all items within the U.S. via USPS (United States Postal Service), regardless of the amount you spend.  The drawback is that there's no postal insurance with it and therefore no real guarantee that you will receive your order; however, you can opt for delivery via FedEx or other types of postal systems at the check-out.  All the terms and conditions regarding shipping are outlined in their FAQ section

Another downer is that Blu Cigs can only be purchased by U.S. customers and shipped to a U.S. address only, so potential international customers will miss out on the Blu Cigs experience for now.  Their website does not list their street address but they're located at 500 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217.  There is a handy toll-free number and various email addresses listed on their site, should you have any queries regarding Blu Cigs products.





Blu Cigs

500 Archdale Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217


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