Direct E-Cig

Direct E-Cig is an electronic cigarette brand with a difference. If you are an American and feel particularly patriotic then this could be the electronic cigarette for you. Wholly American company, Direct E-Cig, have purposefully developed their e-cigarettes to give American consumers peace of mind.

All Direct E-Cig cigarettes, flavourings and solutions are manufactured in the U.S. They have stringent standards about the quality of the nicotine. The 98% pure nicotine is then created into the nicotine solutions for their e-cigs, at their U.S. - based facility. American consumers are guaranteed the ultimate vaping experience knowing that their e-cig of choice was manufactured and packed within the U.S.A.

Similarly to other electronic cigarettes, the components of the Direct E-Cig cigarettes are basically the same. The e-cig itself is made up of three sections:

  • • The cartridge - the butt of the cigarette.
  • • The atomiser - an add-on piece containing the microelectronic device producing the vapour.
  • • The battery – which powers the e-cig is located in the longer, white casing of the e-cig.

All the Direct-E-Cig cigarettes contain a rechargeable battery and a red light at the tip to simulate the embers of a traditional cigarette when inhaled, but without the associated smoke, odor or many of the harmful chemicals found in conventional cigarettes.

The cartridges and atomisers can be purchased separately or as one unit called 'cartomizer'. The cartomizer offers ease of use to the smoker – when empty, simply screw another cartomizer straight on; but this convenience comes at a cost. The cartomizers equates to about 3 cartridges but are the cost of about 5 cartridges.

All of the Direct E-Cig products can be purchased separately - from portable wall or car chargers to bulk-buy atomisers and cartridges at special discounted prices for the avid smoker. A great addition to the Direct E-Cig range is their disposable one piece cartomizer which equates to about 2 packets of traditional smokes. Their accessories are no-frills and no-fuss. The cigarettes have the traditional white and tan look. Their 'Starter Kit' cost a little more than other brands but unlike their competitors, their kit includes a larger capacity 5-Volt battery which recharges faster, and has a longer lifespan (as opposed to the usual 3.5 Volt battery). For a little bit extra, there's a 'Complete Starter Kit' which comes with two 5-Volt batteries.

The downside to the Direct E-Cig brand is their limited range of e-liquid. They only stock two flavours being 'Tobacco' and 'Menthol' but both come in four strengths, from 'no-nicotine' up to '16mg', offering the smoker better flexibility with their nicotine intake.

Direct-E-Cig offers a Lifetime Warranty to all their current 'Direct E-Cig Money Saver Plan' subscribers, but conditions on the type of products covered apply. Their website can be viewed in English and Espa_ol (Spanish). Their site features their Users Manual online, which is handy but there is very limited information about their shipping policy. First-time visitors to the site may find it difficult to determine Direct E-Cig's Returns Policy; however there are contact details with a telephone number and email address to their office in Naples, Florida, should consumers have any questions.

South Beach Smoke is one of the market leaders when it comes to electronic cigarettes. The company's amazing success in such a competitive marketplace is largely due to the design and usability of their products. The very simple but sophisticated patented design of their electronic cigarettes makes it highly appealing to both men and women of all demographics.

Based in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA, South Beach Smoke has built a solid reputation locally and internationally as a company which provides excellent quality products at an affordable price. They pride themselves on delivering a premium product and giving their consumers a safe smoking experience akin to a real cigarette but without all the nasty harmful chemicals which are detrimental to our health.

South Beach Smoke promises to satisfy even the fussiest of tobacco smokers. The electronic cigarettes look and feel like the real thing; with the tip lighting up red when the e-cigarette is inhaled, making it visually more authentic. With each drag of the cigarette, a liquid nicotine solution stored in the mouthpiece is heated into a steam, allowing the smoker to take in the nicotine and release nothing but water vapour. It is their revolutionary concept which separates South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes from its counterparts.

One of the best things about the South Beach Smoke cigarettes is its affordability to purchase and maintain. Basically, the electronic cigarettes are devices which contain a re-chargeable Lithium Ion battery. As the battery runs low, the red light at the tip of the cigarette flashes. To recharge, the cigarette is placed on a special portable wall charger which is included in all of the different South Beach Smoke starter kits. To make life easier for their consumers, there's also the versatility of a car charger or USB charger.

Another attractive aspect of the South Beach Smoke is the variety of flavours of the replacement nicotine cartridges. There's Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Menthol and Tobacco. These come in four different strengths from full-flavoured, light, ultra-light and a no-nicotine formula. With such a wide choice, there's basically one to suit and please everybody. Each Premium cartridge is equivalent to one whole packet of traditional cigarettes and the Deluxe cartridges are equivalent to two packets. As an added incentive for their customers, South Beach Smoke rewards all of its loyal members with a fantastic discount of 30% off the regular price of the cartridges.

Ordering any product from South Beach Smoke is very easy. There's the convenience of ordering all of their products online or by phone. Orders can be tracked online and local delivery throughout the U.S. by normal post usually takes about 5-7 days. International orders can take longer; between 7-30days depending on where the package is going and the custom laws within that overseas destination. All orders are accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee and refunds (less shipping costs) are available as part of their customer service policy.

To sweeten the deal and enhance the electronic cigarette experience even further, South Beach Smoke offers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all of their products to all the members of their Home Delivery Program and certain conditions apply.

The only downside with South Beach Smoke is that currently, they do not ship to Canada and they are not available commercially in shops throughout the U.S. or overseas; however they are considering making the South Beach Smoke a retail brand in the near future. As for any Canadians who may want to try the South Beach Smoke products, this will not be possible for now, and it has nothing to do with the South Beach Smoke brand or company. Health Canada is still undergoing the process of testing and evaluating electronic cigarettes across the board.





Direct E-Cig

2338 Immokalee Rd
Naples, FL 34110-1445


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