E Cigarettes Choice


E-Cigarettes Choice is a brand owned by SS Choice LLC of Southlake, Texas, and its range of products and starter kits is almost as big as Texas as well. It's unclear just how long the company's been in operation for, but the copyright on the website says 2011.

E-Cigarettes Choice offers consumers a one-stop-shop for all their ecigs needs. They offer two types of ecigs:

  • A 2-piece battery and cartomizer option, or
  • A 3-piece battery, atomizer and refillable cartridge option

Based on which model you prefer, you can then choose a starter kit to suit your vaping needs and your budget. Browsing through all the starter kits can be a little confusing at first. There's the 'cartomizer kit', the 'micro go kit', the 'classic starter kit', the 'square starter kit' and many more others to choose from. It's worthwhile taking the time to look through everything, as not all the inclusions and prices are the same. 

Then there's the 'Bundles' starter kits which are similar to the normal starter kits but beefed up. The Bundles Kits are much pricier, but as the name suggests, there's much more of everything included. E-Cigarettes Choice has a wide selection of packages to suit everybody.

A normal starter kit starts from $44.95 for a 'Micro Go Kit' (in black or white) and the Bundles Kit starts from $89.99 for a 'Micro Go Kit'. For twice the price, you would expect to get twice as many products and looking at the photos, it does seem that way, but it's hard to make a proper comparison because there are no specific product inclusion lists about any of their kits! Should we take it for granted that the photos are an accurate representation of what's contained in the kits? It would be in E-Cigarettes Choice's interest to list these inclusions, as consumers want to know exactly what they're getting for their dollar.

SS Choice LLC has put a lot of thought into the enjoyment of smoking/vaping. Their products look great and are well packaged. The black and white colours are simple, elegant and unisex; but there's also a variety of ecig skins to personalise the batteries if wanted to. They've developed a nifty system where tapping the LED at the tip of the ecig can cause it to change colours – from blue to red/Amber (patent is pending) – a great gadget which differentiates E-Cigarettes Choice from the rest.

Currently E-Cigarettes Choice only ships to U.S.A., including Military APOs and to Canada. Orders are usually shipped Monday – Friday usually within 48 hours of the orders being placed, and normal USPS postage rates apply. They do ship via UPS or FedEx as an optional extra. Canadian customers will be charged a hefty, additional $35.00 handling fee. The reasons for this are not mentioned.

The Warranty & Returns policy is unclear. This section mostly speaks about shipping and its disclaimers in case shipments are lost in transit. It seems that the warranty of the products lies with its manufacturer, not E-Cigarettes Choice. E-Cigarettes Choice states that it reserves to right to refund, repair or replace within 30days of delivery or they may issue a store credit. Potentially this could be a problem. They're basically saying that, should something go wrong with any of the products which they sell, they do not claim any responsibility whatsoever, and that all warranty issues should be directed to the manufacturers. Therefore if you have a battery, an atomizer, cartridges, a wall charger and a USB charger, you may need to deal with up to five different agents.

The E Cigarettes Choice brand seems genuinely interested to look after its customers but to avoid disappointment, be sure to read all their terms and conditions, and even contact them with any questions or concerns. All the contact details are listed on their website.





E Cigarettes Choice

PO Box 1631

Colleyville, TX 76034

(877)-771-5196 Ext. 2