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The variety of eliquids available from Eliquidplanet.com is simply out of this world! They stock a wide range of ecig products - everything from bottles, batteries, cartridges, cartomizers, chargers etc... You need it? They're sure to have it.

Ok, perhaps EliquidPlanet's vision of '...embracing the change of consciousness' and changing the world one ecig at a time is a little out there; but still, it's a noble ambition. Their underlying philosophy is that they truly care about shifting the attitudes of old and moving forward into a cleaner, greener world; and this includes of course, making tobacco smokes obsolete and making ecig the only vaping choice. Nobody can argue its merits and according to EliquidPlanet: "Let the enlightenment begin..."

EliquidPlanet.com is based in Bethpage, New York.  They are fairly newcomers to the electronic cigarette scene and have been operating since 2009/2010. They promote proudly that all of their essence eliquids are made in the U.S.A. and that's good to know.

EliquidPlanet have set themselves up as a one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs. If you're tired of the usual eliquid flavours to refill your cartridges and want to try something new or unusual, it's definitely worthwhile taking a look their site. How about Cola? Or Rum? Or even a nice Pinacolada to stir the senses? Perhaps you would prefer Whiskey or Wine? And these are only some of the 'Beverage' flavours. There are exotic fruit flavours, fresh minty flavours, essence flavours such as Dark Chocolate and Lemon Meringue. In all, there's eleven pages worth of flavour selections, so get excited and start licking your lips!!

There are five kits available, ranging from the 'Case kit' at $59.95 and 'The Vortex Personal Vaporizer kit' at $69.95. The kits are all well-priced and well accessorized; with everything you would need to vape and recharge your ecigs. The basic "Case kit' contains:

  • Two manual switch white batteries (push a button to take a drag)
  • Two white atomizers
  • Five blank cartridges (eliquids are extra)
  • USB charger
  • USB wall charger
  • A hard shell carrying case

There are various coloured and shaped batteries depending on your kit of choice. The 'Vortex Mega Battery' comes in black, platinum or pink and has a stylish gold trim. The Vortex battery seems popular as it has an extended battery life, which means less recharging. There is also a limited range of cartomizers available, which eliminates the need for a separate atomizer and cartridge. The 'Leo' cartomizer has a classy, tapered mouthpiece which has a great visual appeal.

The website lists all of ELiquidPlanet's products and accessories clearly. There is a brief description of each item and the prices are very affordable. There are many product reviews on the site from seemingly real customers which detail some of the pros and cons of the ELiquidPlanet brand and its quality. Some of the reviews are quite critical whilst others have only good comments. It's an interesting read.

At the present time, ELiquidPlanet ships within the U.S. and its territories only. Sales Tax may apply at the checkout depending on which state you are shipping to and ordering from. They only offer a 14-day money-back-guarantee (less shipping and handling) on all their electronic cigarette products, with the exception of consumable such as eliquids. This could prove to be a disadvantage for many people who may experience problems after that 14 day period. There is no guarantee of replacement or refund after that period of time.

The Warranty and Returns policy is very much a fat paragraph of legal jargon and it's difficult to determine whether any of ELiquidPlanet's hardware such as batteries or chargers is covered at all. The only thing it does state in the fine print is that 'ELiquidPlanet specifically disclaims all warranties express or implied...".

For further details, ELiquidPlanet can be contacted via mail, email or telephone, all of which are listed on their website.





E Liquid Planet

P.O. Box 481

Bethpage, NY 11714