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Some like it long and some like it strong; others like it short and strawberry flavoured. Whatever takes your fancy, eSmoke will probably have it. Electronic vaping products have come a long way since they were first introduced onto the market. Nowadays, competition is fierce and it comes down to the best quality, at the best price and a good reputation in the business is priceless.

eSmoke LLC has been around a while. They state that they are the oldest, most respected manufacturer of ecigarettes in the U.S.A., and it may just be so. Their traditional, no-nonsense approach to marketing means that, as a visitor to their site, you can concentrate on the important stuff – the products, the quality and the prices, without being distracted by videos, pictures of vapers fading in and out of view, glitzy websites etc... The moment you enter the eSmoke site, you see the words ASSEMBLED AND TESTED U.S.A. very clearly, then there's $49.95 for a starter kit. Also on the home page is the 100% Money-back Guarantee and Lifetime Guarantee banners. From the very start, it's easy to determine the quality of the products, the price and the type of customer service in place in case things don't work out.

eSmoke has three series of kits. There's the Sensation Series, the Pro Series and the Disposable Kits. There are various kits in each series, all at varying prices. The choice is yours to make depending on what you need and what you wish to afford, and even the most basic kit (and cheapest also), being the Sensation Express Starter Kit, contains all that you need to get your ecigarette experience underway.

eSmoke ecigs are a 2-piece unit made up of a battery and an atomizer cartridge (a.k.a. cartomizer). There are also eliquid/ejuice refills available and all bottles come with a handy dropper for a mess-free refill of your cartridges. The eliquids come in 5 adequate nicotine strengths: Extra High 24mg, High 16mg, Medium 11mg, Low 6mg and a No Nicotine 0mg. There are eight delicious flavours to choose from; from the Tobacco which is sure to be a staple favourite, to a juicy Summer Strawberry flavour for more adventurous taste buds.

When shopping with eSmoke, you truly feel like you are getting a premium product and service. Everything is clearly set out. There's no ambiguity about the inclusions of the kits, nor about any of the pricing.

All the Returns and Warranty information is fair and reasonable and there's a telephone number if you wish to know more. eSmoke ships all items within 48 hours and you can easily calculate the shipping rates with their nifty Shipping Calculator for domestic rates and international rates as well. Check whether you're eligible for free shipping!

eSmoke has simplified the way shoppers shop for electronic cigarette products. For more information, they have a live chat representative standing by, alternatively, there's a contact number or email via their website on their Contact Us page.





E Smoke

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