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As consumers we love having the freedom of choice.  Afterall, we are all individuals and want our choices to reflect this.  Electronic Cigarette Inc. establishes itself as an electronic cigarette one-stop shop.  As an e-cig manufacturer, they understand what astute consumers and smokers want and need.  As a result, they've developed various types of electronic cigarettes for suit their customer-base.

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. seem really dedicated to their customer service values and to providing a superior product.  Their mission statement and the rigorous testing of their products is all about being the best at what they do.  They've also stepped up their professional commitments with an Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is an impressive endorsement; but none of it counts if their products don't deliver, so let's have a look at their various lines of electronic cigarettes:

Vapor King:

According to Electronic Cigarette Inc, the Vapor King series is 'award winning' and is 'voted the # 1 brand of e-cig by many independent reviewers'.

  • • Starter kit $54.95.
  • • A double starter kit – two of everything found in the starter kit- $79.95.
  • • Ultimate kit $145.00 – The king of the kits - includes absolutely everything!
  • • Variety of steel battery case colours and great choice of accessories.
  • • The Vapor King e-cigs look fantastic and the gold crown logo is a nice touch.
  • • Hybrid adapter available to interchange batteries and cartridges between Vapor King and Amerismoke.

Vapor King Storm series

  • • Only one kit available at $89.95
  • • E-cig consists of black cartridge and black battery with eye-catching steel trim.
  • • Tapered mouth-piece – stands out from other e-cigs.
  • • Features their new 'eTank technology' which enables the e-liquid to drip more efficiently.
  • • Comes with larger batteries than normal - gives 6 full hours of heavy vaping.  Light users can go for days without recharging their Storm e-cig.
  • • Kit comes with 5 empty cartridges and liquids can be purchased separately


  • • Starter kit is $119.99.
  • • Looks like a traditional white and tan cigarette.
  • • Kit includes 1 long and 1 short battery.
  • • Kit comes standard with a 5-pack of 'medium tobacco' – other flavours can be purchased separately.
  • • Cartridges are refillable.
  • • Choice of 7 flavoursTobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry and Apple.
  • • Hybrid adapter available to interchange batteries and cartridges between Vapor King and Amerismoke.

Duo Pro Series:

  • • Duo Pro Starter Kit $79.95 – comes with 6 cartomizers.
  • • Duo Pro Ultimate Kt $145.95 – comes with 25 cartomizers in strength and flavour of your choice.
  • • Easy two-part design - screw the cartridge atop the battery and voil´┐Ż!
  • • One cartridge equals one full pack.
  • • Various nicotine options and wide choice of 12 flavours.
  • • Various battery colour options.
  • • Various charger options and accessories.


A disposable e-cig ready to go anywhere, without the need of batteries or liquids.  SmokePass cannot be refilled or recharged.  It's normally $17.95 and only comes in 'Tobacco' flavour with choice of high or low strength nicotine.

All of Electronic Cigarettes Inc.'s e-liquids are laboratory-tested for quality assurance and free of any harmful chemicals such as anti-freeze.

There's no doubt about it - Electronic Cigarette Inc. carry a great range of e-cigs and makes shopping for e-cigs easy.  As part of their excellent customer service, they offer their U.S. customers free shipping via USPS or First Class Mail.  Even better news for everybody else, Electronic Cigarette Inc. ships all of their products 'to all regions of the globe' – which is fantastic news! Regular international shipping costs apply and you can check on your order with their parcel tracking system.  All orders are shipped from their warehouse facility in Upstate New York.

Their 30-day money-back guarantee and returns policy is fair and reasonable and there is no mention of re-stocking or disposal fees for the return of their products if the customer is not completely satisfied.  The only problem is their very short Warranty policy.  Electronic Cigarettes Inc. only offer a limited 30-day Warranty on their items; should one of their products stop working after two months, the consumer may not be able to claim a refund on a faulty item.

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. has a live chat operator throughout business hours in the U.S. and an email address is also provided on their website for all customer service enquiries.





Electronic Cigarette Inc

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