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According to Eluma, 'size does matter'. Their electronic cigarettes are neither too big nor too small. They are the perfect, comfortable size that cigarettes should be; and this is important because the flavour/nicotine cartridges and batteries last for a reasonable amount of time before needing a recharge or refill.

Eluma Cigs LLC has taken great care in sourcing their products. All of the Eluma liquids are tested on a regular basis by an independent laboratory to ensure consistent quality control. They categorically guarantee the safety and quality of all their ecig products. Eluma is ROHS & SGS compliant and seem to have all the essential, relevant security systems in place for processing payments online – always great to know for peace of mind.

The Eluma range is simple – there are a few starter kits and then there are the flavour cartridges. An Eluma "Simple" Starter Kit is great value at only $34.99 and it includes:

  • 1 Eluma Rechargeable E-Cigarette (Battery & Atomizer)
  • 1 USB charger
  • 10 Cartridges in the flavor & nicotine strength of your choice - (equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes!)
  • FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING & 1 Year Warranty
  • "Eluma Challenge" Guarantee.(If you're not 100% satisfied within 30 days, return it for a REFUND)

Isn't great to get so much for your money's worth? And the free shipping (within U.S. only) is a generous bonus! The Eluma "Complete" Starter Kit costs twice as much at $79.99, but comes with 25 cartridges (equals 25 packs of cigarettes) and includes a wall charger also. The batteries come in black or white and both sport a stylish brass trim.

Eluma doesn't have a long list of cartridge flavours, but what it does have however sounds delectable. There's plenty to satisfy everyone and the flavours are: Traditional Tobacco, Cool Mint Menthol, Vibrant Vanilla, Death by Chocolate (yum!), Cherry Culmination and for coffee fanatics, the Espresso Especial. Now, here's the best bit - refills are only $5.00 for a box of five cartridges. There's also a substantial discount when you buy your cartridges in bulk. That's unbeatable value!! There are four nicotine strengths ranging from 16mg to 0mg and in all, Eluma seems to deliver on all fronts.

All other accessories like chargers, spare atomizers and "E"Packs (portable chargers) are incredibly cheap compared to many other ecig brands out there; and if you're wary about the quality of the Eluma products, remember that many of their items come with a 1 Year Warranty and a 30-day Refund Policy applies to starter kits. There are important conditions to consider and you can read all the fine print in the FAQ section and the Customer Service page on their website.

It seems possible to have orders shipped overseas when at the checkout, but there's no information regarding international shipping fees or guidelines. Although Eluma does not provide a physical address or provide any details about who they are as an entity, you can ring 1-800-559-for 24hr customer service for further information.






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