Sophisticated, sexy and luxurious – that's the experience Gamucci wishes to provide to all its customers.

Gamucci was first established and developed in the U.K. in 2007. The head office is in located in London and they also have offices in the U.S. and in Asia. Since its inception, Gamucci has been a market leader in the innovation and evolution of electronic cigarette products. They were the first brand of ecigs to be released onto the European market, with other companies following suit. Gamucci also states to be the inventor of the disposable cigarette and have the technology patented. They have a global consumer-base and currently sell in over 55 countries (although on one of their videos Umer Sheikh of Gamucci states 44 countries). All of Gamucci's products are covered by a worldwide product liability insurance policy.

So far, it's an impressive resume and they certainly seem to make waves within the industry. Their latest novelty the Gamucci Elite is sure to get some well-deserved attention. It's a disposable cigarette, so no charging, and it's ready to go straight out of the pack. It'll last for about 600 puffs, equalling about 40 traditional cigarettes (2 packs), and when it's finished, you simply dispose of it and crack another pack open. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this online at the moment, however they are available for retail purchase all around the U.K. in establishments such as casinos, Hilton Hotels, pubs, clubs etc... and even in pharmacies around the country. Their disposable e-cigar is interesting also, but is also not currently selling on the website.

It's a shame that for such a prominent player, that their website is such a disappointment. There's plenty of information about how great the Gamucci brand is, but hardly any about the actual products. Their Product page lists only five items, three of which are fairly standard accessories. The products are:

  • Gamucci Continental 2.0 – a disposable cigarette with a manual switch, with a capability of 375puffs (about 25 ciggies). It sells for USD $14.99 and Gamucci claims that it is the cheapest on the market.

Actually, for the record, there are cheaper disposable ecigs out there, some of which are longer-lasting and which offer free shipping as well.

  • Gamucci Micro V2 Starter Kit – Rechargeable Electronic Alternative – This kit is priced at USD $79.99 and contains:
    • 2 rechargeable Lithium batters
    • 1 USB charger
    • 1 Wall charger with USB connection
    • 1 Vaporizer
    • Carry Case
    • 1 pack of regular cartridges in Original Flavour (could be Tobacco – not specified)

There's no information anywhere on the site about the various flavour cartridges as mentioned in one of their videos (interview with Umer Sheikh of Gamucci), and there no mention of what levels of nicotine are available with the kit. That is exactly the type of information consumers look for and at the moment the site is devoid of information and a little lacklustre.

Want to know about shipping and returns policy? Sorry, there's nothing on the Gamucci site about these either, although there's mention of worldwide product liability insurance policy on their Home Page.

The postage cost for the Micro Starter kit seems to be $5.00 or thereabouts at the checkout and this applies to deliveries within the U.S. only.

For further information about Gamucci and its range of electronic cigarette products, U.S. customers can call a Toll-free number available on their Contact Us page.






Unit 9
Imperial Studios, Imperial Road
London, UK SW6 2AG

866 634 1024

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