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First impressions count for a lot; and when you first enter the Green Cig website, there is an air of cleanliness and freshness. Everything is laid out very simply and it's easy to see all of their products and prices on their home page – just makes things a little more convenient and effortless.

GreenCig's mission is straightforward 'to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible'. Yes! In a nutshell, that's what we consumers want as well. GreenCig is brand new to the world of electronic cigarettes – so new, in fact, that at the time of this review, the terms and conditions section was completely blank (which is a little unnerving). Perhaps they're still working on that; so let's take a look at the company's details. Their 'About Us' section does a great job informing potential customers about the integrity of their customer service and what they stand for, but says nothing about who they are – mere oversight perhaps? As consumers, we also want to know:

  • Where they are based - with a physical address and contact numbers provided
  • Whether they are affiliated with other ecig companies
  • Where they get their products from - eg: is it made in the U.S.?
  • The safety aspects of the products, after all, they are consumables

All of this information should readily available to consumers to allow them to make more informed decisions about their electronic cigarette choices. Maybe the site is still under construction, but at this stage, this is not indicated anywhere on the GreenCig site. Should you have any questions however, there is a provision in their 'Contact Us' section for enquiries.

Looking at the GreenCig range of products, one can't help but feel a little excited. There are 4 ecig starter kits ranging from $80.00 to $149.00. With the current specials, you can save approximately $20.00 off each of the kits. They're well presented and packaged, and their basic kit – the 'GreenCig G400 Single Battery Kit' comes with:

  • 1 Battery
  • Two cartomizers
  • USB/Wall charger combo

The refill cartomizers cost $28.00 for a pack of 5 and only come in the one flavour'Western', which sounds like it could be tobacco flavor, but this is not confirmed anywhere on the site. Another point which is important to consumers but not mentioned, is how long the cartridges last. Other kits have different flavored cartomizers such as Cherry, Mint, Green Tea and Vanilla.

For those of you who enjoy smoking cigars or a pipe, GreenCig have provided for you as well. There are battery/refill cigars, disposable cigars and mini cigars and they all look fabulous! It features a simulated brown tobacco-leaf shell with a red and gold trim, just like the real deal. The Cigar Starter Kit will set you back $129.00 and comes well presented in a handy wooden box. The cigar is described as '... a heavy-duty power house, which features strong and powerful batteries which ensure large volumes of vapor and a distinct cigar flavor unlike all the others. This flavor is unbelievably authentic'.

The beautifully crafted wooden pipe is something really special. It not only looks the part with its rich dark base and black, curved mouthpiece, but it also contains a massive 5ml reservoir for long vaping pleasure. The Pipe Kit is the most expensive in the GreenCig range and at $198.00 (less with discount), it includes:

  • 1 pipe
  • 2 batteries
  • 2 cartomizers
  • 1 charger
  • Comes in a deluxe wooden box with a satin lining

It promises 'super-smoke volume' and is the standout in the GreenCig range.

So far, GreenCig demonstrates that it has a good range of products and accessories, but its lack of information about the company and any relevant details about shipping or terms and conditions does not inspire any consumer trust presently.





Green Cig Smoke

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