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Green Smoke has operated since 2008 and is located in Miami, Florida.  Their contact details also include a hotline in New York.  They advertise proudly that they have 'the best customer service in the industry'and have all of their terms and conditions clearly set out on their website.  All of the relevant site-security certificates, payment options and their money-back guarantee stamp are displayed on their 'Home Page', enhancing the confidence of shoppers.  Their video with a demonstration of various people trialling Green Smoke for the first time is highly effective.  They've targeted a wide age group for the video and it gives you a real sense of how much vapour is output by the Green Smoke e-cig.  It also shows people really enjoying their Green Smoke.  It quietly speaks to its audience whilst Coldplay sings the line "...nothing else compares..." in the background.

Green Smoke has designed its e-cigs to look like a traditional white and tan cigarette, although some cartridges vary in colour.  They boast a high quality steel shell and are made up of only two components – the battery and the cartridge.  There is no separate atomiser to fiddle with as all the mechanisms are self-contained within each cartridge.  This makes transporting the Green Smoke e-cigs more convenient and compact.

Each Green Smoke cartridge can last between 110-180 puffs – about the equivalent of one pack of conventional cigarettes.  Packs of 5 cartridges sell for $14.95 – that's less than $3.00 a cartridge/traditional pack and is great value.  Another fantastic deal is their "Free Shipping" policy on all orders over $25.00 throughout the U.S.A, giving buyers a great incentive to purchase Green Smoke products.

Green Smoke caters for a wide range of smokers/vapers.  There are six nicotine strengths ranging from 0 Nicotine to 24mg Nicotine (Strong).  The liquid nicotine comes in a variety of flavours, all with delicious names such as Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Red Label Tobacco, Smooth Chocolate and Vanilla Dreams

There are two types of batteries, a short one – of regular length; and a long one.  Both contain Lithium Ion batteries and can be recharged.  The longer one has a more powerful battery and is therefore longer-lasting.  The tips of the e-cigarettes glow red or green – the choice is up to you. 

It's good news that the Green Smoke starter kit includes both a short and long battery.  The starter kit also includes a home charger kit which has a wall charger and a USB charger, plus 5 cartridges of your choice.  The not-so-good news is that at $139.00, the starter kit is a lot pricier than many others on the market.  The starter kit does not include a carry case, but this can be purchased separately at $19.95 for their basic model.

Some other interesting products of the Green Smoke brand include:

  • • The 'Social Smoker Kit' – for people who smoke occasionally and don't need more than one battery.  This is cheaper than the starter kit.
  • • The 'Lovebirds Kit' – basically has two of everything you would normally get in a starter kit, packaged at a slightly lesser price for couples.
  • • USB Electric Cigarette – great novel idea for those who are at their computer a lot!  The e-cig does not have an internal battery and is powered directly through a USB input.  Allows you to vape continuously without ever needing a re-charge – just change the cartridges.  The only downside is that you cannot use it if there's no electricity or your laptop battery is flat. Oh, and it doesn't work on Mac computers – ouch!
  • • Carry cases – dazzling array of carry-cases to suit everyone's tastes.  The cases look elegant and are extra long to fit the longer batteries and extra cartridges.
  • Rubber tips – fantastic idea for people who don't mind sharing their e-cig but want others to keep their germs to themselves.  So easy, so hygienic and allows multiple vapers to enjoy the same Green Smoke.  The caps slip over the top of the cartridges preventing the smoker's lips from coming into contact with the e-cig.  Comes in a pack of 100 for only $5.00 and an indispensable item for any e-cig sharer.

Green Smoke's shipping policy is easy to understand and all the relevant information in on the website.  Green Smoke also ships overseas and shipping costs and delivery times will vary depending on the destination.

So far, the deal is this: you pay more upfront for the kits, but the cartomisers are cheaper to buy.  There's the allure of free shipping if you spend $25.00 or more in one transaction (if you're in the US) and Green Smoke has some great original accessories.  Should there be any problems, your products are backed by a 100% money guarantee for a period of 30 days, and some of them are covered by Green Smoke's Limited 1-Year Warranty.





Green Smoke

1820 NE 163rd St
Suite 106
North Miami Beach, FL 33162-4801