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At the moment Greenarette remains a bit of a mystery and this is always an issue with any new brand or product.  There is presently no actual product in circulation or any Greenarette products being sold anywhere; therefore it is a bit of a challenge to review Greenarette accurately.  What can be said though is that, along with its logo, Greenarette is still a green contender in the e-cig arena.

Reading the first few lines of its website is interesting enough and warms up some curiosity with "Introducing Greenarette; a cutting edge electronic cigarette poised to storm the e-cigarette market." but this warmth quickly fizzles out as there's no further elaboration on it.  The introduction is a very short paragraph and it would be impossible for anyone to deduce, at this stage, whether Greenarette will be a good product or not. 

Greenarette are currently advertising for people to sign up to their newsletters and be amongst a select group to receive pre-launch news and special offers.  Everybody likes a special offer, especially if there's bound to be substantial 'grand opening' discounts to be had.

The Greenarette e-cig has a black satin finish and is the length of a regular cigarette.  It sports a fresh green logo on the side and has a green tip. There is a fine golden ring where the cartridge meets the battery casing.  Overall the Greenarette electronic cigarette is attractive but may not appeal to everyone.  Unfortunately, none of their other products can be viewed online at this stage as it appears that the site is still undergoing construction.  Even with such limited information, it seems that Greenarette e-cigs will be available in five flavours, various levels of nicotine and come in two colours, one of which is black.

Greenarette has come up with an interesting and puzzling line "Go Green, Save Green".  It may have something to do with the recycling logo at the bottom of their Home Page.  Surely all will be revealed when the product is finally ready for launch, but there is no indication of when this will be.  The Greenarette site also features the 'RoHS compliant' (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) symbol – this could be an exciting aspect of their brand and may prove to be a big selling point.  It may mean that consumers can expect a rigorously-tested and safe product for their vaping enjoyment.

At this point in time, Greenarette's contact details are vague and there is only an email address provided.  There is currently nothing about the history of the company, nor any other details such as returns policy or shipping policy, or terms and conditions.  So far, it seems that if you're interested to know more, you will have to sign up to their newsletters for further information; alternatively, you could send them an email to enquire






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