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If you had imagined a halo as an angelic golden ring, you'd be wrong; the Halo brand of electronic cigarettes' logo is actually a blue, devilish little critter and is very eye-catching. From the very top of their Home Page, The Halo Company advertises that their products are 100% American-made. They want their customers to know that they care deeply about the quality of the ingredients in their products, and ultimately this translates into safety for all their consumers.

The Halo Company is located in Bloomingdale in New Jersey and their tThey've really put a lot of thought and work into producing a range of eliquids (a.k.a. smoke juice) which uses ingredients approved by the FDA and FEMA and deemed safe as food-grade consumables. This offers great peace of mind for many consumers who may be worried about the safety aspects of ecig products in general.

Halo brings an element of fun to its products. They're certainly creative when it comes to naming their merchandise. Names such as Torque 56, Freedom Juice, Bella Valente etc... really stir up the imagination and have intriguing flavour combinations. The ecigs are a slick black with a blue LED tip and look impressive. Halo offers two starter kits. There's the Basic Starter Kit and the Halo Sampler Kit but the best bit is yet to come – just wait till you hear what's included in a basic kit:

  • 1 Automatic Battery
  • 1 Manual Battery
  • 2 Premium Atomizers
  • 1 5ml Bottle E-Liquid
  • 6 Empty Cartridges
  • 1 Cartridge Carry Case
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 Decorative Storage Tin
  • 1 Instruction Manual

That's amazing value for only $59.99! The sampler kit comes with seven 5ml bottles of eliquids and a few other extras, and costs $74.99 – great value also! All cartridges come in 4 nicotine strengths ranging from XHigh 24mg to Low 6mg. There isn't a no-nicotine option. The Hemp Necklaces on their Cases and Holders page is well-worth a browse – it's a brilliant way to carry and protect your ecigs. They're unisex, look great and are a really original idea (eco-friendly too).

Shipping is free for orders over $75.00 (too bad the sampler starter kit doesn't quite qualify at $74.99) and orders are delivered via USPS. For orders under $75.00, usual postal rates will apply depending on where you're located within the U.S. The size and weight of the package will also determine the end postage cost. Products can be shipped overseas and the customer will be liable for any additional charges and taxes which may incur in their country/jurisdiction.

Halo's return policies, warranties and guarantees are not listed on the site. The only piece of information regarding returns relates to the returns of their e-liquids – and no, they do refund these as they are classified as consumables. With so much information on the site, it's a big oversight.

If you want further details about the Halo brand and its range of American-made products the only way to get in touch with them is to fill out the Contact Form on the website or write to their P.O. Box address.






P.O. Box 133

Bloomingdale, NJ 07403