There's not a whole lot of information about the Instead E-Cigarettes except that it was established in 2007 and that their orders are shipped from Indiana.  However they do provide a lot of interesting and informative articles and blogs for anyone who's looking for scientific and legal findings about the electronic cigarettes. 

Those who subscribe to their blogs, Facebook page and tweets are sure to receive news on the current status of the legalities of the FDA and e-cig; and if you can read the small font on the website, there's a lot of food for thought.

Instead E-Cigarettes provide its customers with choice.  You can choose to use their 'E-Liquid Smoke Juice' (nicotine liquid) which is made in the United States or an imported one for a few dollars less.  You can choose from four nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg Nicotine to a strong 24mg Nicotine; you also have the choice of six flavours, in all four strengths; there's Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee and Peach.  Instead has also provided a link to a certificate showing the exact chemical breakdown of their US-made Smoke Juice, tested by an American laboratory.  This offers consumers an assurance of quality and adds to Instead's credibility as an e-cig company and distributor.

Instead E-cigarettes only provide one standard e-cig.  They haven't bothered with fancy cartridge colours, sparkling carry cases or a flashy website, but everything you need to get started and to keep vaping is available at their US Store or Canada Store online.  The design of the Instead e-cig is simple and traditional in look.  It features a white battery and tan cartridge, but there is the choice of an orange or blue LED tip.

There are various starter kits at different prices. The kit described below is their most expensive and sells at $120.00 (or $95.99 on special).  The kit comes in a waterproof tin and includes all of the four components of the Instead e-cig:

  • • The battery – kit includes 2
  • • The empty cartridge – kit includes 5
  • • The atomiser – kit includes 2
  • • The e-liquid Smoke Juice –kit includes one US-made 15ml bottle (of your choice) which is equivalent to 300 conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Together with the necessary wall and USB chargers and special velvet 'Stash' pouch, you're good to go.  All e-liquid bottles sold by Instead have a child-proof cap and a dropper for ease of refill. 

Using and carrying four things just to have a smoke seems a little inconvenient but there are pre-filled cartridges available if you don't want to mess about with nicotine solutions when out and about.

Instead stocks another line of e-cigs called the 'Joye 510'.  This kit is Titanium in colour and comes with its own battery, cartridges, atomizers, liquids and charger.  The Joye 510 is not compatible with any of the other Instead starter kit components; and at $100 for the kit, it costs less and is a more slick-looking product.

Orders of $50.00 and over qualify for free shipping within the U.S but there are shipping restrictions to certain states and cities.  Everything is clearly set out in their 'Read before Ordering' section.  There is no information about international shipping and orders and one can only assume that they do not provide this service. 

Instead does not clearly promote a 30-day return policy but their terms and conditions state that should there be a problem upon receiving and using the product for the first time, that it is in the best interest of the purchaser to contact Instead or return the products within a 30 day period. There is a 30% restocking fee when returning items and claiming a refund.






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