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At first glance, the 'Luci' electronic cigarette website seems to be geared towards a younger crowd. The site is clean, modern; very user-friendly and has a great amount of useful information about the Luci brand of e-cigs and the advantages of electronic cigarettes in general.

'Luci' of Luciano Smokes Inc. is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and their swish site puts up a very persuasive argument as to why traditional smokers should switch to their Luci e-cigs. On the surface, it appears that Luci has it all, but does it deliver in all aspects of a brand and business?

Luci e-cigs are built like most other e-cigs, consisting of three separate parts being the filter/liquid container, the atomizer – which contains a heating element, producing the water vapour; and the battery compartment which is rechargeable. The red/blue/purple indicator light at the tip of the e-cig has a few purposes:

  • Lights up when e-cig is inhaled – visually simulating a conventional cigarette.
  • • Blinks when battery is low.
  • • Blinks whilst being recharged.
  • • Stays on when e-cig is fully charged, and therefore ready for use.

There are several illustrations and videos at with step-by-step demonstrations on how to set up the Luci e-cig and how to charge it. There are also various testimonies and videos of people trying the 'Luci' for the first time, offering those browsing the site the opportunity to see the Luci electronic cigarette in action.

The Luci e-cigarette comes in black/white and looks more like a small cigar, but its dimensions are exactly the same as a traditional cigarette. The Luci atomizer comes with an attractive 'Lifetime Warranty' and all of Luci's e-cigs come with a long-lasting Lithium-ION battery, allowing thousands of recharges before a new one is required.

So far so good, but what about all the fun stuff like liquid flavours and nicotine strengths? Well the range of flavours is not huge, but it does cater for most people. There's the Full-Flavoured Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee and Cherry; and they all come in High (regular), Medium (light) or a No Nicotine option. Like other e-cigs, Luci is smokeless, odourless and only produces clean water vapour.

Their 'Basic Starter Kit' starts at $59.99 and is just that – basic. It comes with 1 atomizer, 2 batteries, a Home Quick Charger and 5 cartridges. It's a great price and includes everything to get started. There are three other start-up kits which range from $99.99 to $199.99, depending on need and budget; and they have various extras like different chargers (wall, car, USB), carry cases, and up to 105 Luci cartridges equivalent to over 1,500 cigarettes!

All accessories can be purchased separately and Gift Certificates are also available. For those wanting to try the Luci e-cig without incurring the expense of a starter kit, there is a handy and cheap alternative. Luci has created a single disposable e-cig which equals to over a pack of traditional cigarettes; but it comes in regular Full Flavour or regular Menthol only. If you should try it and like it, your disposable e-cig purchase of $12.50 for one or $20.00 for two, has earned you a discount of a whopping 10% off any starter kit of your choice.

Luci offers a 100% Buyer Protection and lists all of their security certificates on their site, ensuring peace of mind to buyers. There is an enticing Free Shipping policy for orders over $100.00 and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all their starter kits only; however, there is a steep fee of $35.00 processing and restocking fee in the fine print for all returns. Priority shipping methods can be upgraded and orders can be tracked via their shipment tracking system once registered on the site.

The only thing which they seem to have omitted in the Shipping Policy is whether they ship outside of the U.S; but there are many ways to contact them with any queries you may have. Luci can be contacted directly by telephone weekdays during office hours, by email or via their online support system which operates 24/7.






425 Madison Avenue

Memphis, TN 38103