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NJOY is owned by Ecommerce America Inc. and has been a member of the California Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2009. The NJOY brand has been trading since 2009 and the office suite is located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. 

NJOY has fine-tuned their old ecigs and has released a newer and improved version called the 'NPRO DUO' (a.k.a. NPRO 2N1). The NPRO 2N1 now combines its cartridges and atomizer into the one unit. These cartomizers are easier to transport, more convenient to use and take seconds to swap over. 

Cartomizers are a fantastic addition to their range and it slides the NJOY brand up a couple of notches to join other competitive ecig companies which already sell cartomizers as a standard product. 

NJOY previously sold the NGAR, which was an NJOY Cigar, as part of their range but unfortunately, NJOY has discontinued this product. They also very recently discontinued two other styles of ecig named NCIG and the NPRO at the end of 2010 in favour of the newer model. It's unclear whether the new cartomizers will be compatible with these now shelved products and this could prove a problem for any existing customers who still own the older styles.

So now, the choice is now singular since NJOY has only one product - the NPRO 2N1, and the kit includes:

  • 1 NJOY Cigarette-Style Device
  • 10 NPRO Cartomizers  (Traditional Tobacco flavor in a variety of strengths. 1 cartomizer equals approximately 1.5 packets of traditional cigarettes)
  • 2 – 3.6V Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (available in black, white, silver and burgundy)
  • 1 – 3.6V Lithium Battery Charger

The website does not seem very intuitive when it comes to making the most of advertising NJOY's products. The site lacks good quality photos of all the inclusions of the NJOY starter kit. For example, if the battery is the white part of the ecig, and the tan part is the cartomizer, then what is the 'cigarette-style' device included in the starter kit? For potential customers, it could all be very confusing.

At the time of this review, the starter kit had been drastically reduced from $109.95 to $79.95 but even at the sale price, the cost is steep compared to some other brands which, for the same price, would include a stylish hard carry-case or carry-pouch, perhaps a USB charger and have much more variety in the choice of flavour solutions/cartomizers. 

Currently NJOY has four nicotine strengths – Regular (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra-light (6mg) and Zero Nicotine. Another puzzling detail concerns the various flavours of the cartridges. As you shop for your cartomizers and head for checkout, you are given only two choices of flavours – Menthol and Tobacco; and yet in the FAQ, they advise that they have 5 flavours in total being Tobacco, Menthol, Apple, Strawberry, Vanilla. It's not clear why all this information is so disorganised but as a shopper it's annoying and a little deceitful.

By contrast, warranties and returns are simple. NJOY accepts no returns of any of their products unless defective and if this is the case, only certain items are covered by a Limited Warranty of 12 months. NJOY ships all of its products to all U.S. states and some international destinations also. Regular shipping costs apply. It's understandable that NJOY does not and cannot ship everywhere, but it is odd that Canada, Australia and New Zealand are excluded.

NJOY's website provides all the relevant contact details for any further queries.






15455 Greenway-Hayden Loop Road
Suite C-15
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(323) 319-6401

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