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'Premium Electronic Cigarette' or PEC, is a trademarked product of PremiumEstore LLC. Their headquarters is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and it's refreshing to see a physical address on their website. The company was established in 2008 and has also been trading since that time. They've gone to great lengths to research and develop their own brand and design of electronic smoking products and guarantee superior quality with all their merchandise.

Their website is not flashy and does not feature hot babes in bikinis vaping like some other sites. What it does present is clear, concise information about their philosophy, direction and all the great attributes of their products; and Premium Electronic Cigarette goes as far as to include testing certificates from a FDA-Certified laboratory to prove the quality of their nicotine solutions. It's very reassuring to know that all of their liquid nicotine flavours have passed stringent testing and are very safe for consumption. PEC is one of very few e-cig companies to actually chemically test their products. They want their consumers to have total peace of mind when using their products.

It's inspiring to see that a company puts such a strong focus on quality and customer service and satisfaction, but does it deliver? There's certainly plenty of information on their website about their business philosophy and the advantages of switching to e-cigs from conventional smokes but what about everything else? Well it seems that Premium Electronic Cigarettes have put a lot of thought into their business plan and are thinking outside the square when it comes to what consumers need and want.

Premium Electronic Cigarettes have gone further than just develop another e-cig - they've cleverly catered for a select niche market. PEC has developed an e-cigar and an e-pipe which is very exciting news for smokers who are partial to smoking traditional cigars and pipes. The products even look the part. The e-cigar kit comes superbly-boxed and includes: 2 batteries, 1 atomizer, and wait for it... 36 cartridges! Yep, it's no typing error- but wait, there's more – each cartridge can last as long as 500 puffs. At USD$99.95, it's a fabulous deal.

The e-pipe is beautifully-designed and looks as authentic as great-grandfather's favourite pipe. Known as the 'Pipe 601', it features a rich wooden base, gold trim and a curved, black mouthpiece. A yellow/orange light simulates the warmth of the typical tobacco embers when inhaled.

The PEC e-cig starter kits start from USD $49.95 and PEC have unique accessories designed specifically for their brand. They have a colourful and funky range of battery cases from Green Marble to Orange, Platinum, Blue and so on. It's now possible to make make a bold statement and pick a colour for every day of the week. The gold is apparently 'always popular' and it's easy to understand why.

Their disposable kits are well priced at USD$14.99 for the 'PremiumOne Disposable Ecigarette' which lasts approximately 500 puffs; and there is a Mini Disposable Cigar at USD$24.99 which is equivalent to 600 puffs of a Cubana cigar. So far it all seems thoroughly impressive but PEC has gone one step further to provide a unique vaping experience for all their customers. They have added a series of fun custom-designed battery cases to their range of e-cigs. The range includes a Valentine's Day design with 'I love you' adorning the length of the battery case, there's a 'Holidays' theme, depicting Christmas icons, various geometric patterns and much more. It adds a bit of interesting fun and pizzazz to the regular and sometimes monotone e-cig.

Their shipping and warranty/returns policy is articulate and detailed, leaving no ambiguity about receiving and sending packages to and fro. Premium Electronic Cigarette offer a 30-day refund on all their products (less shipping costs) but this refund does not apply to consumables such as open cartridges or disposable products due to health and safety reasons. PEC also offers a Limited 90-day Replacement Warranty should any product prove to be defective, but there are conditions and it is best to read these prior to purchasing any items.

Premium Electronic Cigarette operates widely throughout the U.S. and has limited distribution internationally. Currently, PEC ships to the United Kingdom, Spain, Upper Austria and Portugal only.





Premium Ecigarette

544 Central Dr
Suite 105
Virginia Beach, VA 23454