A Safe Way to Quit Smoking?

Puff where no one else can!

They're often marketed to smokers as a way to get a nicotine fix while at work or in public places, but according to a May 15, 2010, ecig review from The Vapers Club—which calls itself "a meeting place for lovers of e-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, and all things 'fog' producing"—e-cigs have also been used by more than a million former smokers in their quest to quit. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association made a more measured claim in March 2010, saying, "hundreds of thousands of smokers already have significantly reduced their health risks by switching to e-cigarettes."

Popular health reporting would seem to back up that assertion. The daytime medical talk show The Doctors identified e-cigs as one of their top 10 health trends of 2009. Co-host Dr. Travis Stork told viewers that many smokers were turning to e-cigs to try to quit, saying that the device "gives you nicotine but doesn't give you any of the other 4,000 chemicals that cause cancer."

Talk show host Rachel Ray expressed her distaste for the idea of e-cigarettes during a segment on a March 4, 2010, program, calling them "icky" and saying, "If you're gonna puff on a bunch of chemicals anyway, then go ahead and have a cigarette." But her medical expert guest, Dr. Ian Smith, suggested that e-cigs are much like the nicotine patch and could be part of a successful smoking cessation program, although he didn't cite any data. They're "one step away from the actual product," he said, and don't have many of the more dangerous additives found in smoking tobacco.

Much of the support for electronic cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking is anecdotal evidence from users. Linda Barker, the owner of the Vermont Vapors retail store in Castleton, Vermont, told WCAX news, "I was smoking over 2 packs a day, I was smoking a lot. So I got my first electronic cigarette. And by the end of the night I wasn't lighting a cigarette. And its been almost a year."

So why are states trying to ban e-cigarettes and other nicotine vaporizers .


NOTE: Ecig.org does not endorse Ecigs as a way to stop smoking. It may work for some people but the evidence is anecdotal and conflicting at best.



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