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Imagine how blissful life would be if smokers had the freedom of smoking whenever and wherever they liked without any hindrance. What if No Smoking signs became obsolete everywhere and smoking bans did not apply? To smokers, this would be a perfect world. Smoke Free reminds us that perhaps this ideal is not so far-fetched afterall. Electronic cigarette products have revolutionised the way smokers themselves view smoking and the need for a healthier alternative.

The rolling pictures on the Smoke Free website remind us that there are so many possibilities out there to bring the simple pleasures of smoking/vaping back into everyday life. The single biggest difference with electronic cigarettes is the total absence of all toxic fumes and carcinogens emitted by regular cigarettes. In contrast to this, ecigs release nothing but clean water vapor which does not impact on anyone's health or the environment.

Smoke Free was established in 2007 and is currently located in Owing Mills, Maryland. They manufacture their own brand of electronic cigarette products and really seem to understand their consumer-base.

Smoke free has a great range of quality products and this is reflected also in the price of the products. At USD $99.00 (that's the sale price – regular price is $150.00) for a basic Gold kit, you are paying a premium price but there are advantages, such as:

  • You are purchasing directly from the manufacturer. They have an intimate knowledge of the products and there's no middle-man or reseller to deal with
  • Smoke Free offers a Lifetime Warranty on all their batteries and chargers
  • Cartomizers and cartridges have a 1 year Warranty
  • Live chat support – ready to help when you need it
  • 1 800 telephone number for your convenience
  • Free Shipping (for orders over $60.00)

All these things are important aspects of purchasing products online and good customer care is sometimes just as essential.

The Smoke Free products look great. They're all printed with an impressive crest with a lion's head. The batteries are usually white and the cartridges come in Tan or White depending on the product. The Smoke Free disposable cigarette is a good way to trial the product without the expense of a kit, and it's reasonably priced at $34.99.

The Hot New Color Kits is an absolute must to check out. They're a really original idea and are unique to Smoke Free. All the boxes are collectible and feature an Ed Hardy inspired design. These Electronic Cigarette Tattoo kits are very hip, very cool and each box is packed with goodies you won't find anywhere else, such as temporary tattoos. Another worthwhile browse is the Package Deals page. You're likely to pick great bargains with massive reductions off bulk purchases.

There's plenty of information on their website about Smoke Free electronic cigarette products and there are loads of products to suit everyone. Their prices are steeper than a lot of other ecig companies but there is a sense that the quality of Smoke Free products exceeds the rest.





Smoke Free

10451 Mill Run Circle, Suite LL

Owings Mills, MD 21117


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