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Smoke Stik has taken a different approach to marketing and selling their e-cigs.  They appeal to a conscientious audience by donating the proceeds of some of their products to charities and other great causes such as Breast Cancer Research.  For example, by purchasing their 'Pink Smoke Stik', which features the pink 'Breast Cancer Research' logo, they pledge to donate $10.00 from the sale of every starter kit.  It's a very generous offer and the whole deal is a positive one.  There is a slight irony that a cigarette company, though electronic, is supporting cancer research; but regardless of where it comes from, it's for a great cause and every donation counts.  This type of marketing works because consumers feel good about their purchases, and everybody wins.

Smoke Stik has a very attractive array of electronic cigarettes and the range is unisex.  They also cater to those wanting a more elegant product.  Their 'Smoke Stik Royale' e-cigarettes feature a regal crown logo, gold trim and finally, the ultimate touch of class – a clear diamante tip which glows red when inhaled.  The cartridges come in tan, black or white and they all look chic.  Overall, the Smoke Stik Royale gets a thumbs-up in the style department.

The rest of the Smoke Stik range is also very attractive and interesting.  The 'Smoke Stik Pitbull' e-cig is longer than regular e-cigs by about half an inch.  It has a slick, dark grey steel finish with a logo of a Pitbull's head on it.  It contains a larger battery than all the other e-cigs in the series – this makes for longer smoking capacity.  The 'Pitbull' is very cigar-like and looks smart.  Smoke Stik is donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of every Pitbull Starter Kit to 'Compassion Revolution' – an organisation dedicated to pet overpopulation and supported by the actress, Katherine Heigl.  The only downside to the 'Pitbull' is that it is too long to fit in a regular carry-case and the Pitbull Starter Kit does not include a carry-case.

The thing that all consumers love best is getting great freebies! And with the exception of the Pitbull Starter Kit, all of Smoke Stik's starter kits come with a free carry case valued at USD$11.95 and a free USB charger valued at USD$19.95.  As well as the free accessories, all of the starter kits come with:

  • • 2 re-chargeable Lithium-ION batteries
  • • 1 wall charger
  • • 3 cartomizers – you choice of flavours


Basically everything you'll need to get started is included – just pick the style you love best and order.

If you get a little bored with the look of your e-cig, Smoke Stik sells trendy e-cig 'skins'.  These adhere to the e-cig with heat and are basically like a shrink-wrap plastic cover.  It's a great idea to personalise and differentiate your e-cig from other people's e-cigs.  The skins are well priced and sold individually or in packs.

Although Smoke Stik has a great variety of styles of electronic cigarettes, their liquid nicotine cartridges only come in two standard flavours – tobacco and menthol.  This could prove to be a challenging selling point for Smoke Stik as many of their competitors stock exotic liquid nicotine flavours such as cherry, coffee, coconut and many more.  There is a choice of four nicotine strengths: High (16mg), Medium (12mg), Low (6mg) and a No Nicotine option.

There's a good amount of information on their website about their products and their FAQ section answers a lot of the common concerns and enquiries about e-cigs.  It's great news for consumers outside of the U.S.A. that Smoke Stik ships to many countries around the world, though not all the products are available everywhere.  One intriguing detail is that there seems to be a disparity in pricing between items sold in the U.S. and those sold in Europe.  For example, a Starter Kit which costs USD$89.95 in the US and AUD$89.95 in Australia may cost nearly $100.00 if you order from a European country.  It's unclear why this is so and the shipping information is very limited

Smoke Stik have devised a few videos for further information and visual impact on their site, one of which features a medical doctor, the Chief of Staff at UCLA, Santa Monica Hospital, advocating the benefits electronic cigarettes in general.  With everything that Smoke Stik stands for, surely plugs from such professionals are great for business, but there are some other issues of concern.

At the time this article was written, there was no information whatsoever about the company 'Smoke Stik' on their site.  There is no 'About Us' section on the website and the 'Contact Us' section only provided a phone number and email address.  The area code for the telephone number (877) is a U.S. code, but when searched online, the area code came up with a 'non-geographical location' tag which seems very peculiar.  All we know is that it's somewhere between Kingston, Jamaica (876) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (878).  There is no transparency as to where they are located exactly and no mailing address - this may deter some potential customers to purchase the brand.  Adding to the woes, Smoke Stik's 'Lifetime Warranty' policy is vague and non-specific, but they have adequate information on their 30-day money back guarantee.






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