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The first thing you notice about the VaporNine website is the handy calculator on the left-hand side which tells you how much money you would save on cigarettes if you switched to VaporNine ecigs. It's a great novelty and really emphasises just how much money is wasted on harmful traditional cigarettes. If you spent approximately $5.00 per pack and smoked one packet per day, the savings amount to $105.00 per month. How much could you potentially save?

VaporNine has been selling electronic cigarettes since 2008 and offers a new range of electronic cigarettes for your vaping pleasure. We'd love to tell you all about the company, but there's not much information about the VaporNine company on their website. Purchasing from or dealing with a new company which omits such crucial information can unsettling from a consumer's standpoint, but VaporNine assures all its customers that "VaporNine is dedicated to bring you the best customer support" – that's fine, customers want that assurance, but most consumers still like to know who they're dealing with and where the company is located.

The VaporNine products look great and the ecigs are easy to use. The cartomizer and battery combo is convenient, portable and eliminates the need for eliquids. The demo video on their Home Page effectively demonstrates the products and gives a fair indication of the vapour it produces. VaporNine have only two starter kits to choose from, which makes things easier. There's the 'Nebula Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit' priced at a $69.95 and the 'Vapor Cannon Starter Kit' which ranges from $58.95 up to $108.85.

The Nebula Kit includes:

  • 2 Nebula batteries – choice of colors – black or white and various-coloured LED tips
  • 5 Nebula Cartomizers – comes in high, medium, low, ultra-low or Zero strengths and the flavours are: Carolina Tobacco, Crisp Menthol and Peppermint.
  • 1 Nebula wall charger with adapter

The kits are competitively priced and contain everything one would need to get started. Cases and other types of chargers etc...are available from the 'Accessories' section and are sold separately.

The 'Vapor Cannon' ecig, as the name suggests, produces powerful masses of vapour and is one of the newest additions to the VaporNine range. For those of you who don't mind using eliquids and refilling your empty cartridges, VaporNine stocks a range of liquids called the 'VaporNine Classic Liquid' in a wide variety of flavours. 

In regards to shipping, VaporNine does not seem to ship outside of the U.S.A. They advise that orders are shipped within one business day and that the shipping cost will vary depending on the weight of the items.

VaporNine's Returns policy is simple – they want to keep their customers happy. So even if something goes wrong after the 30-Day Warranty on the starter kits, they're willing to discuss the matter and determine whether a replacement/refund is in order. Refunds are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee and there are other conditions also, so be sure to check out all the terms.

Although there is no company address on the website, there is a 1-800 number or email available for contact in their 'Customer Service' section.





Vapor Nine

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