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The word victory is a glorious one. It is synonymous with success and triumph, and this is exactly what the Victory brand of electronic cigarettes wishes to achieve. They want to convey to all the consumers out there that electronics cigarettes are a cleaner, healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Victory wants to convert everybody who currently puffs away on harmful chemicals over to a new way of smoking – the electronic vaping way.

Based in Georgia, U.S.A., Victory believes that the electronic cigarette is the future of smoking. They're ROHS, SGS and CE compliant and offer adequate customer service and information on their website.

The Victory products are designed to look and feel just like a real cigarette, complete with a red LED tip to simulate embers. It offers a 3-piece system comprising of a battery, atomizer and flavour cartridge (without the need for eliquids). All of the Victory products are competitively-priced; and compared to other brands, they are much cheaper and great value.

Their one and only starter kit is priced at $59.99 and it includes:

  • 1 battery
  • 1 atomizer
  • 1 pack of 10 cartridges (usually priced at $14.99)
  • 1 home charger
  • 1 car charger
  • 1 USB

For the price, you get all the chargers you could possibly need to vape on the go. The cartridge flavours come in Classic Tobacco or Menthol and each cartridge is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes – that a whole pack! The value for money and potential savings are incredible. Victory also stocks a handy disposable ecig for $14.99.

Victory offers an impressive Lifetime Warranty on their batteries, atomizers and chargers. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee on all their products, used or not, for a period of 30 days from the purchase date, in which case you may obtain an exchange or refund – no questions asked.

There is no information on the website relating to shipping and should you have any enquiries, they can be contacted via their live chat or email address on their website.






1880 Airport Dr,

Ball Ground, GA 30107

678 493 2999