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When you think of Hawaii, there are many things which come to mind – relaxation, the exquisite beaches, the lush tropical landscapes and the island's volcano. This is where the Volcano range of electronic cigarettes draws its inspiration and charm from. The Volcano Ecig Company is located in Kailua, Hawaii and it is from this magnificent location that all the magic happens.

Volcano has developed a range of electronic cigarettes with a very specific consumer-base in mind. They want their customers to be transported to a tropical paradise when smoking their electronic cigarettes. They carry a wide range of mind-blowing liquid flavours developed for no other reason but to indulge the senses and enhance the smoking experience. There's a choice to flavours to please everybody, from the traditional Tobacco flavour to Pineapple Punch, Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch, Cinapple, Vanilla Bean, Waikiki Watermelon, Coo Coo Coconut and many more tantalising tastes. For many electronic cigarette devotees, these wild and delicious flavours could be the most appealing factor of the Volcano range; and it is the quality and variety of flavours of its liquid nicotine which sets Volcano electronic cigarettes apart from its competitors.

The Volcano electronic cigarettes operate as most other ecigs. They heat the liquid nicotine to a vapour which when inhaled by the smoker is released as water vapour. 'Vaping' as it is commonly referred to is smokeless, odourless and retains no aftertaste. This method of smoking still allows the smoker to get that nicotine hit they enjoy without all the harmful chemicals associated with a traditional ash cigarette. The electronic cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery. Volcano has packaged various starter kits at an affordable price, with everything included for convenience.

The design of the Volcano cigarette is stylish and sophisticated. Unlike the traditional white and tan cigarette, the basic design of the Volcano is slick, black and about the same size of a regular cigarette. Their more deluxe range, the 'Inferno' comes in three shiny and sexy colours – red, chrome and black. The cases are very distinguishable from other types of electronic cigarettes, further adding to the appeal of the Volcano.

There are various starter kits, associated products and accessories available and all of Volcano's products can be purchased online; but if you are in Hawaii – lucky you! The Volcano brand has a 'Volcano Vapor Bar' and a 'Volcano Vapor Café' at two different locations where certain items can be purchased at a retail cost. Orders can be placed by mail also. The range consists of a sampler pack, mini kit, the Inferno range, the Magma range, the standard Volcano range, all ranging from $29.99 to $74.99 (at the time of this review). Their pre-filled cartridges are a convenient way to enjoy the product. The range also features very handy disposable ecigs at an affordable price. The disposable ecigs only come in two flavours – Menthol and Tobacco; and come in two strengths only - full strength and light strength. Unlike all of Volcano's range, the disposable menthol ecigs have a green tip instead of red. Volcano also has its own range of casual apparel for both men and women featuring caps, t-shirts, tank tops etc...

Volcano guarantees shipping within 24 hours of any orders and offers a flat-rate for shipping irrespective of the size of the order; and orders of over US $50.00 are shipped for free. They have a great members' reward program where the amount spent is accrued in points. These points are then converted into cash rebates on future orders. Basically, the more you spend the more discounts you receive on your next order.

Many people enjoy the Volcano brand of electronic cigarettes but one common gripe is the battery life of the product. Depending on individual smoking styles, the battery can last between 80-100 puffs before needing a recharge. This equates to about 1.5 cartridges and about 4-5 cigarettes. If you smoke heavily, it is a good idea to have chargers handy such as a portable USB, wall or car charger.

Although the design of the Volcano, Magma and Inferno cigarettes look great, the colours may not appeal to everybody. The traditional white and tan look is a well-loved look and the varying colours of the Volcano may alter the feel of the cigarette and ultimately deter some ecig smokers to try the brand.

Shipping is to U.S. states only and currently Volcano does not operate or export to overseas countries, limiting its market-base. Volcano's Limited One Year Warranty could also prove to be another deterrent for potential purchasers and only some of their products are covered by this warranty. They do not offer a money-back guarantee or refunds on any of their products, due to hygiene reasons, even if the product is unused (as the ecig is a consumable).






22-E Oneawa Street

Kailua, HI 96734

(800) 870-3357